We’ve got a traditional blanca with mechanical pegs coming in any day now from Erez Perelman. These are fantastic guitars – Paco De Lucia ordered one recently, and you can watch the video of their first meeting here. We’ve got some great photos of the guitar that Erez sent us as well as video of Angel Romero playing one of Erez’s classical guitars at a concert in Israel.

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2 Responses to “Coming Soon – Erez Perelman Flamenco”

  1. LAWRENCE says:

    I adore and admire Angel Romero ,but I honestly wish he would play music with a bit more depth and substance than his fathers’ suite Andaluza .This is just a showy pseudo -flamenco lollipop that does the guitar few favours and is father composed better pieces for the guitar .That said ,Romero is a great and charming ambassador the guitar and long may he continue.

  2. LAWRENCE says:

    Erez Perelman is a tremendous guitar maker ,he just gets better and better .


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