While in Paris David also met with legendary French luthier Dominique Field, who is just finishing up a guitar for us that will arrive at the end of June. The first two photos are of our guitar, the third is of his famous blue rosette, to which he’s made some slight changes, and the fourth is of the wood he will use for a guitar he is building for Scott Tennant. The fifth photo is of a very interesting guitar – a replica of an 1867 Torres, made by Christian Aubin, who was a guitar teacher in Paris (Daniel Friederich’s guitar teacher, in fact) and a hobbyist guitar maker. As David told me – “Turns out he was way better than he gave himself credit for, this was a superb guitar. Field was doing some work on it so that’s how I chanced on seeing it.”

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  1. Dylan says:

    I want to know it’s price….

    If I accept the price, I will call you again more detail.
    and then let me know more detail,please


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