Here’s guitar #180 from our celebration of Pepe Romero Jr.‘s 200th guitar. #180 represents a further refinement of the thicknesses after the radical change in bracing design that happened around guitar #170, and Pepe Sr. plays some Torroba as well as a bit of the Aranjuez for us.

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5 Responses to “Pepe Romero Jr. – Guitar #180”

  1. LAWRENCE says:

    This guitar has a rather harsh first string ,brittle sounding at times.Otherwise a warm and clear sound and a very nice bass .Perhaps the harshness has more to do with Pepes’ attack .

  2. soundknight says:

    They look like cloudy savarez strings? It could be that factor?
    There is a Yamaha like ping in the trebles which is often induced in all guitars by using cloudy white nylon strings. (That’s what I have found at least)
    I quite like the sound of the guitar I think it just needs more delicate hands to play it.

  3. Funny, I do not hear anything harsh to the sound. Just the opposite! One of the most singing sounds [with great sustain] I have heard in this series.


  4. LAWRENCE says:

    No it’s not the guitar ,it’s his playing which I do not care for.

  5. Brosan says:

    Well, I love his playing. Fortunately, we live in a world where even great artists can be criticized for this nitpicky reason or another.


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