Danish builder Kenneth Brögger has just sent us an “1864 Torres” model – here’s a quote from David Collett’s description of the guitar:

This instrument is a near-exact reproduction of an original fist-epoch Torres from 1864 that Kenneth viewed and studied here at GSI last year. The dimensions, thicknesses of woods, proportions and aesthetic details of the original have been meticulously reproduced. The resulting guitar is in our opinion the finest and most authentic Torres copy we have ever seen. It is astonishing just how close this is to the original. Brogger has somehow captured the magic of Torres in a way we have never before seen, and we believe that he has special insight into the instruments of Torres unlike any other builder – this may be due in part to the fact that Kenneth owns an original Torres himself, which he has played, studied, measured and loved extensively.

Brögger sent us some great photos of the guitar, which should be here any day now, and that image of the two guitars is of two “1864 Torres” models in his shop before French polishing.

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One Response to “Coming Soon – Kenneth Brogger ‘1864 Torres’”

  1. LAWRENCE says:

    A very beautiful guitar ,in fact exceptionally lovely .


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