At the back of the Ramírez shop there’s a little museum with some truly historic guitars. Of course, they have examples made by the various generations of José Ramírez and by Amalia Ramiírez, but they also have a Simplicio and a Santos, among others, and some 18th and 19th century guitars made by some famous and some less known luthiers. It’s a little awe-inspiring, even if my camera work is not. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Tour of the Ramirez Museum”

  1. Peter,Nottingham, England. says:

    Brilliant video. I have a Ramirez 1a made in 1966, its an amazing guitar.My father bought it for me for £275.00 from London.

  2. I have a ’69 1A that I absolutely love. Very easy to play and beautiful sound. I hope that they let somebody play those guitars in the museum as the guitars don’t get any better sitting behind a glass case.


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