La Guitarra: A Comprehensive Study of Classical Guitar Technique and Guide to Performing

At last! The revised and expanded edition of of Pepe Romero’s Guitar Style and Technique (1982), which has been out-of-print for several decades. New features include sections on Tremolo, Flamenco, Concert Performance, additional finger gymnastics, and a Romero photo album. It contains all the music in the earlier version and several new pieces, all newly engraved (including “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” with Pepe’s fingering). It is 9×12, wire-spiral bound, 144 pages, and the list price will be $29.95. Available starting this summer at the GSI Store.

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9 Responses to “Pepe Romero Method to be Re-Released”

  1. Academic Guy says:

    Es muy caro! Los estudiantes estan sufriendo mucho.

  2. Cool! I have the 1982 book, but I’m anxious to get this new one! Bravo!

  3. susie croteau says:

    can i buy it throught guitar salon thanku susie

  4. What are the “several new pieces” that are included in the re-print?

  5. adil zahrani says:

    can i buy it through guitar salon ??
    when it well be released ??
    and how about thes site??


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