Ricardo Escobar was another of the Parkening International Guitar Competition competitors who stopped by the showroom during the competition. Ricardo studies at USC with Scott Tennant, William Kanengiser and Pepe Romero and is another young rising star in the guitar world. Ricardo plays Debussy’s ‘The Girl With The Flaxen Hair’ on a 2008 Tobias Berg.

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6 Responses to “Video – Ricardo Escobar”

  1. Garrett says:

    Nice piece. But that recording sounds like it’s been doctored or something. Interesting.

  2. Jim Galante says:

    excellent guitar and rendition !

  3. Chad Brown says:

    The 2008 Tonias Berg guitar is wonderul, and I enjoyed Ricardo’s artistry. Boy do I WISH I could study with his instructors at USC, although I have learned a lot fom having the teaching DVDs by Scott Tennant and Bill Kanengiser purchased through GSI.

    What a pleasure it must have been or these young artist to drop by and play GSI’s assortment of amazing guitars. THANK YOU GSI!

    Thank you Kai for posting these wonderful videos for us.

    Chad Brown

  4. James says:

    Beautiful playing.

    Kai, I’d also appreciate it if you would post the arranger. Arranging a piano piece well for the guitar is no easy thing. So it be nice to give that person credit, too, in these posts.


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