We’re very happy to announce that GSI is now the exclusive US representative of  South Korean luthier Woon Sun Lee. Woon Sun built hundreds of student and concert guitars as an apprentice and established  his own shop in 2009. We were first drawn to his fantastic woodworking skills, as you can see in the photos below, and were equally impressed by the sound of his guitars when we finally took delivery of our first instrument. We believe that Woon Sun has a very bright future as a luthier, and represents an outstanding value in a concert instrument. You can read woon Sun’s bio here, and you can see our first guitar from him here.

The photos below are of a rosewood guitar and a maple guitar of Woon Sun’s, and then of his workshop in what looks like a beautiful bit of the Korean countryside. Note the prodigious amount of wood that Woon Sun, like all good makers, has stockpiled.


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