We have our first guitar coming from Granada luthier Juan Miguel Carmona. Juan Miguel is from Granada and part of the Carmona family that includes Pepe Habichuela, Juan Habichuela, Josemi Carmona and the Ketama guys, and he’s been making guitars in Granada for 40 years now. Our first guitar from him is a spruce and rosewood classical, and you can see photos here of the guitar being built in Granada. The second gallery of photos is of players playing Juan Miguel’s guitars, including Josemi Carmona, Juan Habichuela, Pepe Romero, Ramon de Algeciras (Paco de Lucia’s brother) and Sabicas. The videos are of our friend Vicente Coves in Juan Miguel’s shop in Granada trying out the guitar right after it was finished. The guitar should be here next week.

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4 Responses to “Coming Soon – Juan Miguel Carmona”

  1. Brian Brogan says:

    Beautiful sounding guitar. Very nicely designed headstock and lovely rosewood. Cheers, Brian

  2. james galante says:

    I have a Juan Niguel Flamenco it has a very brilliant and balanced gitano sound overall and has amazing playability

    • james galante says:

      typo Juan Miguel Carmona

      • Ted G says:

        Hi Jim,
        Tried to email you at your hotmail account, but it is no longer valid. Have question for you about your guitar. Do you still have my yahoo email address?



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