Here’s Scott Morris with another video companion lesson to his method Classical Guitar Complete- From Basics To Bach. In this lesson Scott uses the third movement from Satie’s Peccadilles Importunes to look at articulationlegato and staccato. He looks at both how to use these techniques and how to practice and perfect them as well. Scott is playing a 2001 Greg Smallman (not the 2003 Smallman that we currently have in stock and that belonged to Ben Verdery, but another one we had a few weeks ago).

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4 Responses to “Scott Morris – On Articulation”

  1. Beautiful piece!…and sounds great on that Smallman. Is there a CD of this music available?

  2. Garrett says:

    Smallmans are tricky to play because the sympathetic vibrations are more prevalent than traditional guitars. Laying the thumb sideways across the lower strings to follow the fingers, such as playing a scale, is also a good way to keep the unwanted basses from ringing too. Not easy to do at first, but once you practice it a while it gets more natural.

  3. cuchares says:

    what an annoying sound.

  4. cuchares says:

    I see that Satie wrote this for piano.
    Was bypassing the keys indicated and playing directly on the strings?I thought i hated Smallman’s sound before.What an Inhuman machine sound .


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