We have some more videos of young Australian virtuoso Alberta Khoury. You’ll remember that she was in town for the Parkening International Guitar Competition, and even though she was only 16 at the time she competed in the adult division and was a semi-finalist. Here she is playing the Prelude to Bach’s lute suite, BWV 1006, on a Ramirez Elite,  and Dowland’s Fantasia #7 on a 2008 Paco Santiago Marin ’30th Anniversary’.

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  1. Alfonso says:

    Fantástica Alberta. ¡ BRAVO !.

  2. mikey1969 says:

    Ok. Now play the Bach video and scroll down so you can only hear the audio. What do all you maestros think now?

  3. Ian Grant says:

    Alberta, when I heard your accent, I was delighted to know that you are an Australian!!! All the very, very best for what will doubtless be a great future….but please slow a little?

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