The Agnew McAllister Duo is Scottish guitarist Matthew McAllister and Irish flautist Aisling Agnew. They were in the US on tour and stopped by to play some guitars and shoot some videos at the showroom. Together they played a suite of pieces by French composer Sebastien Vachez that includes his Krynica, Un Ange and La Ballade d’Irina movements, with Matthew playing a great 1968 Fleta, then Matthew played Lauro’s Registro on a 1974 David Rubio ‘PF’ and Bach’s Sarabande on a 2007 Henner Hagenlocher.

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3 Responses to “Agnew McAllister Duo at GSI”

  1. Tom says:

    These recordings (and, just as importantly, the player) make the differences between the guitars very evident (thank you). Matthew’s dark sound and the dark sound of the Fleta complement each other perfectly although this guitar is very different from his usual Kwakkel. Very nice playing from the duo, by the way.

  2. peter says:

    I thought that duet was absolutely lovely. Man I wish I had a whole CD of those two playing that kind of stuff. It so reminds me of sitting by a window on a Sunday morning watching and listening to the rain. What could be more romantic and, at the same time, melancholy?

  3. Hi Tom & Peter,

    I am glad you are enjoying the videos and the different guitars. After our time in America Aisling and I headed to Germany to perform and teach at the Iserlohn Festival and then on to Manchester in England for the British Flute Society Convention.

    We are just back in Scotland and taking a bit of time now to see how these videos are sounding. I was very impressed by the Rubio ‘PF’ guitar and of course the Fleta, the Hagenlocher was something new to me and nice to try but if pushed the Rubio ‘PF’ was my favourite of the instruments I tried at GSI. Thanks Tom for picking up on the fact that my normal guitar is of course a Bert Kwakkel, in some ways the Rubio ‘PF’ was most similar to that guitar.

    I am glad you both liked the duo, the suite is made up of three pieces by Sebastien Vachez (a guitarist and composer from France) he has lots of music mostly published by GSP which is well worth checking out, some solo guitar repertoire and then chamber music.

    It is always fascinating checking out different instruments and comparing and contrasting, GSI has an incredible amount to try!

    Best wishes,



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