GSI has just launched its latest website! As the most substantial overhaul we’ve ever done, we’re thrilled to announce this and would like to invite everyone to come have a look around. In additional to its all-new appearance featuring an elegant and crisply modern sense of design, the new site packs a host of new features as well. Here are a few of our favorites:

– Tons of new content, displayed right on the homepage and updated regularly. No extra clicking or digging around necessary. From new guitar arrivals to new articles, from upcoming events to GSI’s latest tweets, the new homepage has just about everything you could need for your daily guitar fix. We’ll even keep our “video of the day” embedded right in the page and ready to play.

– The “New Arrivals” area on the homepage features the 20 most recent guitars to arrive at GSI, shown in groups of five. You can cycle through guitars by clicking the arrows on the sides of the section, or even by dragging and pulling the row over with your mouse. In fact, on a touch-screen or mobile device, you can simply swipe with your finger. This exact same mechanic is used to present the beautiful images on the product page, making for a fun filmstrip-style experience in which to explore a guitar. Obviously, you can also still click on the individual images to blow them up to larger size (or even the enormous “actual size” option).

– We’ve started providing easy access to exclusive music and audio files, streamed for free through the new pop-out GSI Radio player (found under the “Media” section of the navigation bar). We plan to build this feature up much more in the near future, as well as load it down with many, many more high-bitrate audio tracks – including all of our own demos and artist recordings. We hope you’ll enjoy having this playing in the background while you browse the web.

– All of our media will be accessible through our new Sound & Video page (found under the “Media” section of the navigation bar). This page is divided into several sections: “Newest,” which shows the 10 most recent videos we’ve upload; “Most Popular,” which is a selection of 10 of our most viewed videos; “Favorites,” which shows 10 random non-GSI videos we’ve found online and recommend you check out. Our audio files can also be found on this page. All sections link to additional media beyond the initial 10 by clicking the link in the section’s upper right corner.

– Browsing the store itself is a vastly improved experience. Now, each product category’s “browse” page allows for pretty specific product results. For instance, the controls above the product listing allow you to narrow down the displays results by choosing price ranges and availability, and even specific specifications! For instance, selecting “cedar” and “Germany” will only show German-made guitars with cedar tops. You can also undo selections by clicking the X by the respective option that appears above the filters.

We’re dedicated to making GSI the classical/flamenco guitar’s home on the web, a true one-stop for a great community with a shared love for all things guitar. We’ll be constantly tweaking, improving and adding new features, so be sure to bookmark and check back regularly. We’re always open to any feedback you may have, of course. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy your visit.

All the best,

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2 Responses to “New Look for The GSI Website”

  1. Jerry says:

    I like the new look ~ nice job!

  2. raul says:

    I hope that I can pay the books and magazines with my VISA.


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