We’ve been seeing a lot of interest in Torres models lately – in fact at the moment we have four of them in various price ranges – but the Lucio Carbone ‘1888 Torres’ is something we haven’t seen before. It’s a faithful recreation of an 1888 Torres as it is today. Carbone worked with a museum curator in Milan to get all the details right and made the guitar appear to have repaired cracks, finish discoloration, aged machines, etc… though the guitar in fact has no cracks at all and is perfectly new. Carbone put his name in a few strategic places to insure that no one wold try to pass this off as the original. Our own David Collett thinks that Carbone has even captured the sound of a 124-year-old Torres, and David has probably heard as many of these played as just about anyone around. As far as we know this guitar is a one-off and Carbone will not be making more of these – it took him two years to build and get all the details right.

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