Duo Partido is guitarist Dario Griffin and singer Alicia Ramirez, and I met them a few months ago when I recorded their first EP for them. I loved what they do so I invited them to come shoot some videos in the showroom. Here they are playing Desafinado, with Dario on an Hermanos Conde AC23, and Violao, with Dario on a Luigi Locatto ‘Garcia’ model. Third video is Dario playing Guinga’s Mingus Samba on a 1999 Paulino Bernabe ‘Concierto’. You can check out their new EP here.

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5 Responses to “Duo Partido at GSI”

  1. Tony D'Arco says:

    Nice chords, lovely voice…… -Tony

  2. Al L. says:

    Nicely done guys.

  3. Lee Eisenstein says:

    Fantastic performance. Is the sheet music published?

  4. Joao Ernani F Filho says:

    Very nice!
    Desafinado – Off Key – (Tom Jobim/Newton Mendonça).
    Violao – Guitar – (Suely Costa/Paulo César Pinheiro), recorded by Fátima Guedes, with the guitar of Hélio Delmiro. In the middle section, Dario Griffin, played a tune of Guinga, “Igreja da penha”, (that with the Aldir Blanc’s lyrics is well knew as “Carta de Pedra”). The solo version is dedicated to Haroldo Hilário Bessa, an elder that introduced Guinga in the universe of “that” guitar (of Garoto, Zé Menezes, Valzinho, Laurindo, Bonfá…). The song is dedicated to the sociologist Herbert Souza (Betinho) and the “brothers of blood” (Henfil and Francisco Mário, who was a great composer and guitar player). The Guinga’s pieces: Igreja da Penha and Mingus Samba are published. The Jobim/Mendonça score is on Jobim’s Songbook, edited by Lumiar. The song of Suely Costa and Pinheiro I wonder that is an arrangement inspired by that of Delmiro.
    Dario, you have your place at any “roda de choro” (choro circle) in Brazil. Congrats.

  5. peter says:

    Well that was really a delightful change. I love bossa nova. These two folks have a future. For those of you out of that loop, you should really listen to the Sinatra/ Jobim CD. Wonderful music, beautifully done.


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