David Collett was in Italy last week meeting with quite a few luthiers including John Weissenrieder, (pictured with a 1950 Bouchet and a replica of that guitar that he made for us), Lorenzo Frignani (pictured with the original 1910 Manuel Ramirez that he studied to make his replica), Gabriel Lodi and Luigi Locatto. David also stopped by the Stradivarius museum and saw the violin which was the inspiration for the guitar Kenneth Brögger made for us back in 2012.

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3 Responses to “David in Italy”

  1. alessandro says:

    I personally knew Gabriele Lodi some years ago, he is now, propbably the most acclaimed classical guitar maker now in Italy.
    He’ s talented, nice person, and his instruments have the most beautiful sound you can imagine…some times it seems to me like I’m playing a 60 years old guitar,sweet and powerful tone.
    His instruments are very lightweight,he uses the best certified rosewoods…and It’s a pleasure to deal with him.
    Ciao Gabriele!!!
    Alessandro from Roma Italy

  2. Simon Orr says:

    That’s my father’s Bouchet that I took over with him to Florence to be copied. He got it from John Gavall in the ’50’s. I actually found John through Mountain Bike Action magazine – he’s a former pro mountain biker. Can’t wait to get it at the end of the year.



  3. Edmund Rames says:

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