We’ve just received our first guitar by local Los Angeles maker Richard Reynoso, and it’s pretty fantastic. Richard Reynoso is based in Los Angeles and builds traditional guitars inspired by Torres and Santos. Richard is a musician and artist and brings both of those sensibilities to bear on his luthiery – he doesn’t even mass produce his rosettes, so that each one has an individual touch. We’re all very impressed by this guitar and look forward to many more great instruments to come.

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2 Responses to “Introducing: Richard Reynoso”

  1. Everything appears balanced with clean lines, and even though a little archaic, it has a defined presentation that compels a player to ask, “What does it sound like.”

    And even though making one’s own rosettes is a nice touch, the selling point to me will always be the voice.

    Can you demo the guitar’s voice?

  2. Lee Eisenstein says:

    Love to hear a demo of it. Beautiful instrument.


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