We just got photos from Cordoba luthier Graciliano Perez who is finishing up a flamenco blanca with mechanical pegs for us. Vicente Amigo is has been recording his new CD ‘Tierra’ using his Perez on at least a couple of tracks – we’re still waiting to see how many.

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4 Responses to “Coming Soon – Graciliano Perez”

  1. antom says:

    Fenomenal noticia un nuevo trabajo de vicente amigo…..

  2. Paul Weaver says:

    Its interesting bracing pattern… an A frame with a Bouchet bar. A different choice for a flamenco guitar. Cool stuff!

    Paul Weaver

  3. It’s a basic Miguel Rodriguez style flamenco or older classical style build. This design was used pre-1970’s classical and was still used for their flamenco guitars.

    When a Rodriguez flamenco did its thing, it was a good guitar but I am more in favor of Barbero, Santos, Reyes for the flamenco idiom.

    However, when Miguel Sr. graduated to the diagonal treble brace for his classical 5 fan brace models in 1970, his instruments later became quite popular in the hands of the Romero’s.

    These classical instruments are highly sought after by professional artists and collectors alike.

    I had followed this trend in my own building practice for over 35 years until recently when I improved on a standard Spanish 7 brace style that sings like an angel.

    Check with GSI about its availability.

  4. Beautiful looking guitar especially the rosette


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