Here are some photos we just received of yet another guitar on its way to us – this one from German luthier Sebastian Stenzel. This guitar is a spruce and CSA rosewood and will have Alessi tuners with snakewood buttons. Check out this video of Alec Holcomb playing his father’s 2006 Stenzel spruce-top.

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  1. I had contact with Sebastian Stenzel some years ago regarding an Antonio Mateu Ramis guitar, a Barcelona based luthier. This man
    inspired Sebastian Stenzel to begin building guitars. Sebastian Stenzel
    is a nice, open and friendly person and he has the abilties to translate this to his instruments. This instrument sounds great and the player knows exactly what to do to bring out its’ best! Though not without some slight mistakes here and there, he goes for the musical voice and lets us hear that he really understands what he is playing. Moreover, the tempo in which this piece has been performed stays the same thorough the whole piece which makes it an extra bonus.
    Alec has become one of my favourites as he simply goes for making
    music the way it should be.

  2. Sebastian (Stenzel) told me about you when he visited my house a while ago, and I now understand his enthusiasm.

    Fantastic playing!

    I own a 2004 Stenzel myself that I´m really happy with, but as I know that Sebastian has some new ideas coming I´d love to try out his latest offerings.

    All the best of luck Alec, and from my perspective it seems like you’ve got everything needed for a really successful carer.

    Peter Berlind Carlson
    Professor of Guitar
    Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden.


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