Julius Reder Carlson is a musicologist and ethnomusicologist who came to the store one day and immediately impressed everyone with his playing. Since then he’s become a friend and we’re very happy to have him come in from time to time and record some guitars for us. Here he is playing Aníbal Arias’ arrangement of J.C. Cobián’s Niebla del Riachuelo on a 2012 Richard Reynoso guitar and Carlos Gardel’s Volver (also arranged by Arias) on a great 1965 Ramirez 1a.

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4 Responses to “Julius Reder Carlson at GSI”

  1. Eric says:

    I had the privilege of studying with Anibal Arias for a brief stint a number of years ago and Mr. Carlson here has done a great job interpreting Maestro Arias arrangements. The loss of Aníbal in 2010 was a great tragedy for both the world of tango and guitar. Thanks for keeping his works alive!

  2. nik buckingham says:

    I’m jealous of how steadily he holds the guitar in that position. I play Flamenco and I’ve seen Martin and others hold the guitar like that. Only difference is they hold it further away from the body, probably to get more volume. Not necessary for Tango and Classical styles, of course. Lovely tone on the 65 Ramirez!

  3. Garrett says:

    Nice playing. Very nice guitar. 🙂


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