This week guitarist Connie Sheu stopped by the showroom to record some guitars for us. Connie recently released her new CD ‘The Woman’s Voice’, which features pieces by many great women composers including Emilia Giuliani-Guglielmi (Mauro’s daughter), Ida Presti, Dale Kavanagh and Annette Kruisbrink – you can read a review of the CD on the ClassicalGuitar.org blog and you can buy her CD here. Some of you will also know Connie as the director of communications for GFA. Here she is playing Sofia Gubaidulina’s Serenade on a 1997 Greg Smallman and Dale Kavanagh’s Prelude #2 on a 1961 Ignacio Fleta.

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11 Responses to “Connie Sheu at GSI”

  1. Garrett says:

    I recently had the privilege of sharing breakfast with Dale Kavanagh and heard her play at the GFA convention in Charleston, SC. What an immense talent and breadth of technique she has. She spends her time and lives in Europe, so it’s a shame that here in the US we don’t get to see her or hear her work much. A real down to earth, brilliant woman, composer and guitarist. Thank you Connie for a fine performance of her music.

  2. It could very well be the brand of string that is throwing the sound off so badly. I could hardly bear to listen to it. No disrespect for the player but this sound is very aggravating. It must be the strings that are pulling the voice off center.

  3. On the other hand, the Fleta guitar is a more beautiful example of guitar making, imho.

  4. larry says:

    Very nice. The only problem I have with this is that Fleta has a 50mm nut. I know that I would not be able to play it, like I ever would have the chance to do so. I need to go play my Fleta copy now.

  5. antom says:

    Diosss que sonido la Fleta, berdadera joya, la ejecucion muy buena, pero magnifico sabor a guitarra de antaño y de hoy. perfecto.

  6. James Stroud says:

    I agree with Tom as the Smallman trebles sound like a banjo. Much prefer the sound of the Fleta. as far as 50mm nut goes . I own a 1931 Simplicio that is also 50mm and it plays wonderful for the right hand as the saddle width is conventional. After playing it for a day I find that switching to an instrument with 53mm nut more difficult.

  7. Darrell Styner says:

    I agree with Tom and James. Connie’s playing is beautiful, but the Smallman gives me a headache. I find it physically uncomfortable to listen to those guitars. The Fleta sounds glorious, rich, and full. To each his own, I guess.

  8. drew says:

    funny, i tried the fleta’s and a fleta copy, which were almost human sounding. the observers i came with, who are not musicians, but music lovers, all immediately commented that the lattice guitars i tried sounded like banjos. no wonder i have not been moved by a guitar recital in so long, i’ve been hearing lattice guitars the whole time. even though the strings are too high for her, the tone is drastically better then the smallman

  9. DONALD says:

    Absolutely agree about the sound of the Smallman. it seems to record really badly; I’ve never heard a well-recorded Smallman, which is a shame as John Williams has been using them for years. I find them almost unlistenable. Xufei Yang uses them on her recordings of concertos as they cut through the strings but uses other makes such as Paul Fischer for the solo stuff.

  10. Joe Franklin says:

    Connie is an excellent musician with great expression and attention to detail. As for the instruments – very different to one another. The Smallman is articulate but not too colorful of tone. The Fleta goes a bit beyond coloration into softness. These are simply variations caused by the architectures and certainly are pleasing to someone out there. You can bet your Bippies on that!


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