I used to play with Gerardo Morales constantly – a couple of times a week at least at tablao gigs – and then we sort of each got gigs in other places and with other people and I hadn’t really played with him for a while until recently when he subbed for the cajón player on my regular gig and I remembered how much fun it is to play with him. So I invited him to come do some videos with me since I wanted to record a few guitars. I recorded some Alegrias with a great 2010 Felipe Conde pau ferro negra and a little Bulerias on this amazing 1959 Miguel Rodriguez, one of the funnest guitars I’ve played in a while. Not necessarily my best playing, but it was really nice to play with Gerardo, who in addition to being a great cajón player is a serious flamenco and classical player.

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3 Responses to “Video – Rodriguez and Conde Flamencos”

  1. Garrett says:

    Nice playing, nice sound. I had that Rodriguez here for a while. Super nice guitar. It moves real nice to the sound.

    BTW, What mic are you using on this?

  2. Kai says:

    Hey Garrett – I used a Neumann KM84 on the guitar (and a Beyer 201 on the cajón).


  3. Espino says:

    Hey Kai, how have you been, good to see u hear at GSI, as well as Gerardo too!!
    See u soon!


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