The new episode of Scott Wolf’s new podcast All Strings Considered is up, and we’re very happy to announce that GSI is now a sponsor of the podcast (Scott has done such a great job that we want to support him any way we can). Episode 2 features an interview with flamenco guitarist Adam Del Monte and they discuss Adam’s new guitar concerto ‘Paisajes’ growing up in Spain, the flamenco/classical divide and Segovia’s flamenco past. Musical selections include the first movement of ‘Paisajes’, the Rumba from Adam’s latest CD, his interpretation of ‘Sevilla’ and a Balkan-inspired tune in 13/8. Click here to check it out on Scott’s site.

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6 Responses to “All Strings Considered Ep2 – Adam Del Monte”

  1. Paul Weaver says:

    This is great stuff!

  2. antonio says:

    great post mate, keep rocking it!

  3. Pablo Alcala says:

    No entiendo como no he visto tu blog antes.

  4. It’s amazing how much you learn in blogs like this. Thank you brotha!

  5. Antoñito says:

    This post is amazing! I didn’t know this album

  6. Sofia Loren says:

    Thanks for the info. Im downloading it


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