Check out the newest episode of Scott Wolf’s ‘All Strings Considered’ podcast, in which he talks with Martha Masters. In his words:

“Martha took some time out of her busy schedule to have an interview with me. I mean BUSY, she’s president of the Guitar Foundation of American, she’s on the faculties of both LMU and Cal State Fullerton, and balancing all that with a performing career and three kids!

She told me a bit about what it’s like being a woman in the overwhelmingly male dominated guitar world, a little about the importance of music for kids, a bit about performing vs. recording, and about some of her favorite music to play.

You’ll hear Bach, Regondi, a lesser known Spanish composer by the name of Antonio Jose de San Sebastian, and a Frank duet performed by Duo Erato.”

Click here to listen to the podcast on Scott’s site.

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