**Update** We’ve just received some videos, featuring great playing by Virginia Amariotaki, from Gypas of the new guitar which is on its way to us now. Click here to check these out.

Greek luthier Pavlos Gypas just sent us some photos of the latest guitar he’s making for us. Apparently Gypas uses a system of tuning the woods of the guitar that is borrowed from string instruments (the orchestral kind, that is). Here’s a bit from the description of the last Gypas guitar we had:

“He tunes the various parts of the guitar (which he refers to as the top, back, air, and body) based on free-plate tuning techniques developed by Carleen Maley Hutchins, who focused her work on violins, cellos, and related instruments. In particular, Gypas tunes his tops in the G to G# range (195hz-207hz), the “air” is tuned in the G to G# range but 8 tones lower. Then the back is between 1/2 and 1 tones higher than the top, and finally the body (the finished guitar) must be tuned with the “air” frequency.”

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  1. nik buckingham says:

    Awesome tone. Maybe its just the recording, but where’s the volume?


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