Here’s another lesson from Scott Morris from his book Classical Guitar Complete: From Basics to Bach, Vol. 2, this time on phrasing and musicality. Scott uses a Paganini sonata to illustrate how to go about making the choices about phrasing that make a piece of music come to life. Scott is playing a 1997 Alfredo Velazquez.

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6 Responses to “Scott Morris – Phrasing & Musicality”

  1. nik buckingham says:

    wow! the surround sound recording is great!

  2. Kai Narezo says:

    Yeah – that’s a weird phase thing happening there with the audio. I’m fixing now.


  3. Gus Tepper says:

    Great advice, Scott. Thanks for posting the lesson.

  4. richard says:

    Great lesson. Details that are to often forgotten to be covered. Very helpful.

  5. Bob Vasquez says:

    Excellent guidance. I just want to erase the barlines and feel the phrasing. Also, your suggestions on dynamics help me a lot. Thank you.


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