The latest episode of Scott Wolf’s great podcast ‘All Strings Considered’ is up and in this episode he interviews Connie Sheu (Check out some videos we did with Connie here, who’s just released a great CD of guitars music composed by women called ‘The Woman’s Voice’.

Here’s Scott’s description of the podcast:

“I got together with my good friend, and sometimes duo partner, Connie Sheu to talk about her excellent new recording: a full CD of music exclusively by women composers titled The Woman’s Voice.

You will hear some really amazing music that I can practically guarantee you’ve never heard by Dale Kavanaugh, Ida Presti, the daughter of Mauro Giuliani – Emilia Giuliani, and Annette Kruisbrink.

You may also have heard mention of the Suzuki Method? Connie was among the very first Suzuki Guitar students and gives us a clear and concise explanation of how this revolutionary system of learning works.

Connie also tells us about her rather unique response to becoming a mother and the effect that has had on her burgeoning performing career.”

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the ‘Media’ menu (at the top of our site) and choosing ‘podcast’ or you can subscribe or listen on iTunes by clicking here.

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  1. Tom says:

    Kudos to Scott Wolf for the high professional quality of these excellent interviews.


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