Here’s another lesson from Scott Morris – this one on the use of Baroque ornamentation, which can be a somewhat controversial subject. Scott looks at the use of trills and mordents, how to go about applying them and even gets into their technique. This video is an accompaniment to chapter 4 of his book Classical Guitar Complete: From Basics to Bach. Scott is playing a 2012 Sebastian Stenzel guitar.

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2 Responses to “Video Lesson – Baroque Ornamentation”

  1. Jim Rolfe says:

    So nice. I sure enjoy all the details of guitar music and wish I could persue. Hey…I like the attitude…Improvise…if it sounds good do it.

    I will continue watching the video. Thanks for sharing.

    Funny…I was teaching a student today who wanted to do learn The Doors “Love Me Two TImes” I actually told him about the terms mordents and trills but I did not remember the difference. He won’t care but it did bring the question to my mind. I am learning as I type.


  2. Jim Rolfe says:

    Watched a bit more…..Love Me Two Times…definitely a long trill. 🙂


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