Sofia Gleeson is in her last year at USC where she studies with Scott Tennant, and she is half of the LeChic Duo along with guitarist Iren Arutyunyan. Here’s Sofia playing Bryan Johanson’s Magic Serenade on a Ramirez Auditorio (Ramirez’ double-top model), and the prelude from Bach’s 2nd cello suite, BWV 1008, on a Sergio Perez ‘Aranjuez’ spruce-top. (I should also mention that while Sofia obviously plays left handed, we simply switched the strings on these guitars, neither of which is made specifically for lefties).

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4 Responses to “Sofia Gleeson at GSI”

  1. Beautiful , Sofia, wat a pleasure to see a young person plaing so good like you, the guitar will survive.

  2. Bob Vasquez says:

    Bravo! Beautiful tone with each note filling its time-spot. A lesson in the art of interpretation. Bravisimo!

  3. Ceech says:

    Agree very nice.
    To no surprise, Sergio’s guitar sounds like his father’s

  4. Brian says:

    Gorgeous sound, beautiful interpretation. Is that the Stanley Yates arrangement of Bach’s BWV 1008 Prelude?


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