We were very pleased to hear from Duo Themis, from France. Both duo members, Alexandre Bernoud and Florence Creugny, play Dominique Field guitars – Alexandre’s is #207 from 2011 and Florence’s is #213 from 2012 – and both play spruce tops. I haven’t heard much discussion on how guitars in an ensemble should complement one another, but from these videos I’d say that this certainly seems to be a successful pairing. You can read more about Duo Themis here.

Sergio Assad: “Recife dos Corais” extrait de “Tres cenas brasileiras” – Duo Themis from Duo Themis on Vimeo.

Radamès Gnatalli (extrait de la suite Retratos): “Anacleto de Medeiros” (Scottisch) – Duo Themis from Duo Themis on Vimeo.

Astor Piazzolla: Tango Suite 5 (Tango N°2) from Duo Themis on Vimeo.

Dialogando de N. Pedreira et O.Belmonte. from Duo Themis on Vimeo.

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