So we decided it was time to see about improving the quality of our videos, but I’m not a video guy (you may have noticed…), so I enlisted the help of my friend Tara Stewart, who edits video for Fender and really knows her way around a camera, to get some pointers on how we might improve. Needless to say, the reason this video looks so nice is that she did all the work. I also called Kassandra Kocoshis, a great percussionist I met recently, to help me try to play this piece I like by Miguel Angel Cortes – a Buleria called ‘Raquel’. Final piece of the puzzle was a 2005 Manuel Reyes (hijo) blanca, which I kind of fell in love with (I almost wish I needed a guitar – this thing rocks). Hopefully with a little more help I can learn to make videos that look more like this one.

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4 Responses to “Video – 2005 Manuel Reyes (hijo)”

  1. MannyGonzalez says:

    Great, thanks for this vid, Kai is awesome.

  2. Ben Woods says:

    Nice playing you guys!
    Great video too.

  3. Saxon Judd says:

    Really nice !! Happy Holidays Kai !!

  4. Mike in Madrid says:

    Great video!! And great playing, Kai! Thanks for the effort in putting this one together, it is a fantastic and fun way to showcase a great instrument.


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