Cordoba Music Group (whose CEO, Tim Miklaucic, is also GSI’s CEO) has donated 50 guitars and cases to UCLA Community School’s ‘Guitar Heroes’ program, which gives students beginning in Middle School the opportunity to learn all about the guitar, guitar music and even music theory. There’s a nice article about it in Ampersand, UCLA’s graduate school newsletter.

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One Response to “Cordoba Donates 50 Guitars”

  1. Tavi says:

    This is so great! I loved reading this. When companies are mainly driven by larger profit margins is great to see that Cordoba is willing to forego some of that profit for something greater, in this case.Prior to getting my first guitar at age 18 I had to practice at my friend’s guitar at his home. It is hard to anticipate how many lives are going to be dramatically affected by these 50 guitars!
    Awesome to imagine.


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