Vicente Amigo has just released a video of the single he’s released of his upcoming CD ‘Tierra’, which will be released in February. It’s not your typical flamenco video, by a long shot. But I love that he chose to play his new Graciliano Perez guitar in the video – it’s a rosewood and cedar flamenco guitar that he picked up from Graciliano in 2012 and used it right away to record four or five of the tracks of his new CD (which features Mark Knopfler, among other great players). Based on this track I’m very curious to hear the rest of the album, and I hope it brings Graciliano Perez some of the recognition that I think he deserves.

There was no way to embed the video (at least not that I could figure out), so click here to see the video on the El Pais website. I’ll be curious to hear everyone’s reaction.

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12 Responses to “Vicente Amigo Video – Featuring His Graciliano Perez Guitar”

  1. Tony D'Arco says:

    Nice. I like the tune. In the article he says he likes to ride his bike around Cordoba nevertheless the video was filmed in Galicia in and around Santiago de Compostela. I guess they wanted to give it a Celtic flavor.

  2. antom says:

    Por lo que hemos oído y visto, se avecina un disco universal, lleno de sentimiento y paz, creo que Vicente ya demostró que es flamenco hasta la médula, y con este nuevo trabajo abre puertas a la composicion y armonía algo que sólo el es capaz. Preciosa guitarra de graciliano, por fin podremos disfrutar de su melodia en las mejores manos.

  3. MannyGonzalez says:


  4. Nice video, and it seems Vicente has gotten the idea to demonstrate other makers as well: http://tguitars.home.texas.net/ scroll down and click on the right. But I give him credit for knowing the good ones.

  5. L. Kevin Coleman says:

    I can attest that “Tierra” is a beautiful, even ethereal, album which I believe will further expand Vicente’s fan base beyond the boundaries of flamenco. (He recorded it with his old Reyes as well as his new Graciliano.) I had the privilege of listening to the CD last October with Vicente while cruising around the burbs of Córdoba in his convertible on a beautiful afternoon – and that after hours of great conversation, great food and marvelous wines. (Yeah, it doesn’t get any better than that.) His interview was the last one for an article I’ve almost finished which centers on Lester DeVoe and Arcángel Fernández, which, besides lots of material from Lester and Arcángel themselves, will include observations and commentary from Vicente and Paco de Lucía on their guitars and their art. (Tidbit: “Fantasía Flamenca de Paco de Lucía” was not recorded with a Conde.) You’ll be able to read why Vicente is now playing a Graciliano. (Yes, I admit it, a shameless plug for my as yet unpublished article.)

  6. cuchares says:

    I thought the video was Martina Navitralova for Summers Eve.

  7. antom says:

    Hola ya tengo mi disco TIERRA y tengo que decir que es musica, composicion y armonia, es composicion para el mundo.
    sigo atento al articulo del Sr. L. Kevin Coleman, por favor diganos donde conseguir leerlo muchas gracias.

  8. This player is just fantastic. Maybe one day i will play like him 😉

  9. Me gusta mucho el estilo de esta guitarra.


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