We’ll soon be receiving our first guitar from Italian luthier Gabriel Lodi. Lodi’s father is a luthier, so Gabriele is another luthier who has literally grown up in a workshop, and he began making guitars straight out of high school. In one of his emails he described the rosewood he used for the back and sides as giving the guitar a ‘happy, free and natural look’, and I love the poetry in this, as well as how it reflects the luthier’s natural obsession with wood.

Gabriele has spent a lot of time studying older guitars, and this particular guitar is based on a 1922 Santos Hernandez, as far as shape and plantilla are concerned, though the aesthetics are all his own.

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  1. alessandro says:

    he’s the best italian classical guitar maker,light and responsive instruments,and the the woods are astonishing…(where the hell you ge THEM?????)
    alessandro toni da Roma


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