For the past few months GSI has been tracking down the best French guitars we could get our hands on to help Scott Morris record his new CD of Satie arrangements called ‘Phonology’. In the end we found guitars by Daniel Friederich, Dominique Field, Jean-Noel Rohe, Bertrand Ligier and finally a fantastic 1956 Bouchet which Scott used to record Nocturne 3 (in the first video) and which Andrew York, Scott’s features guest on the CD, then played on a duet of the ‘Sonatine Bureaucratique’, while Scott played a 1971 Friederich (the second Friederich to appear on the CD).

The CD should be out in a few months, and Scott will also be publishing his arrangements.

Both videos here feature audio recorded and mixed by Erich Gobel – not the final mixes for the CD, but they should give you an idea. Erich also shot the video of Scott playing Nocturne 3 on that 1956 Bouchet – and yes, they’re poking some fun at pretentious cinematography, so don’t freak out.

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One Response to “Phonology – Scott Morris and Satie (and Andrew York!)”

  1. nik says:

    Please urge them to change the name of the album! When I saw that name, I thought of a British boy band that love their iPhones, or some kind of obscure field of study involving phones. I know it means the study of sound, but marketing-wise, its just plain weird.. Just my opinion, though.


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