Our friend Eva Beneke was in Los Angeles for a concert and stopped by the showroom to help us show off a pretty spectacular guitar – Fritz Ober’s replica of Torres’ ‘La Leona’ (you can read more about the guitar here and see some photos, too). Eva played de Falla’s ‘Homenaje pour le tombeau de Debussy’ and we agreed that this was a particularly sweet and beautiful guitar.

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3 Responses to “Eva Beneke – Fritz Ober ‘La Leona’”

  1. larry brandes says:

    Fantastic! My wife says that you should let Eva keep that guitar, I agree. That way one day we can hear her play it in person.

  2. It sounds as if he got the fundamental resonance right on this guitar, often not the case with replicas. It’s a lovely instrument.

  3. Brian Cullen says:

    It has an amazingly present sound, very up front and sweet. The opposite of some big Cedar guitars, would be nice to own both.


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