Bryan Fasola, who is currently finishing his DMA at USC, was kind enough to come in and record this really cool Hauser II redwood guitar. Here he is playing Llobet’s ‘El Testament d’Amelia’. (I should point out that both the guitar and Bryan are really the color that they appear in the closer angle, and not the colors they look in the straight-on shot – I’m still getting the hang of the new cameras…).

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3 Responses to “Bryan Fasola – 1973 Hermann Hauser Redwood”

  1. Rafe Rosato says:

    That was really nice, beautiful control and tone.

    I did notice that the quality of video had improved greatly! Your angle of lighting to the subject can help you with the mood of the music, but may detract from what you might want to show of the guitar. A three light box set-up might help you. Otherwise, I thought it was a nice video for the artist and the guitar.

  2. nik says:

    I just hope that this Rosewood was responsibly harvested. I realize that Hausers are rare enough that it probably doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, but personally I don’t like the idea (as a proud Californian) and further, I don’t like red guitars. I’m sure the guitar itself is superbly crafted.

  3. nik says:

    I meant REDWOOD. Of, I would still hope redwood is also coming from a responsibly harvested source…


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