‘La Wonderful’ is one of the most famous classical guitars in the world – Pepe Romero has recorded over 50 albums with this perfect example of a ‘Churchdoor’ Rodriguez (and it may be one of the reasons that the ‘Churchdoor’ guitars are so desirable). It’s also the guitar that luthier Pepe Romero Jr. heard more than any other as he was growing up. In Pepe Jr.’s words “This guitar has everything. It has a massive warm and clear sound everywhere. It is what you would want all guitars to be.”

So while you can hear Pepe Romero play this guitar on all of those records, on June 1st you can hear Scott Tennant play ‘La Wonderful’ at GSI in our next ‘Live at GSI’ event, where Scott will be playing seven of the guitars from the Pepe Romero collection that have most influenced Pepe Jr. as a luthier.

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