From the Ramirez blog, here’s a really cool story about the 100th anniversary of Andrés Segovia‘s first playing a Ramirez. The first video tells the story of Segovia getting that guitar and of Amalia Ramirez wanting to honor that moment 100 years later with John Mills.

“Andres Segovia first played Ramirez guitars in 1912, up to 1937, when he changed to the German maker Herman Hauser. In the early 1960’s he moved back to using Ramirez guitars, with a brand new design called the ‘Tradicional’ Model 1a, an instrument with a longer string length and larger fingerboard, using the then newly discovered Western Red Cedar wood for the soundboard, built specifically for Segovia. 100 years later, legendary British classical guitarist John Mills presents a series of national and international recitals in which he uses this special Ramirez guitar, kindly supplied by Amalia Ramirez. John plays a selection of pieces written for and transcribed by Segovia, including works by Tansman, Torroba, Haug and Castelnuovo – Tedesco. In the summer of 2013, a special double CD and booklet will be released as part of the project.”

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2 Responses to “Segovia – The Ramirez Years, John Mills”

  1. Rene' says:

    John Mills obtains an exquisite tone from the Ramirez instrument (and any other guitars he plays). That alone, and the apparent choice of an at least a somewhat off the beaten path repertoire for this project, will make me buy this CD. By the way, the videos also have the by far best recorded sound of a Ramirez guitar I have heard in any of the various videos posted here and some other places showcasing these instruments. You might want to ask David Jaggs how he obtains such a great sound in his recent DPJFILMS postings on Youtube.

  2. TIRANDO says:

    John Mills’ long-awaited double CD album ‘Segovia The Ramirez Years’, can now be purchased through the website; http://www.segoviatheramirezyears.weebly.com, Ebay, Amazon UK and iTunes.


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