The next guitar for our upcoming Scott Tennant and Pepe Romero Jr. concert on June 1st is a 1919 Santos Hernandez spruce and cypress guitar – I asked Pepe if he considered it a flamenco, a classical or just a guitar, and he said it was just a cypres guitar (cypress was cheap and readily available at the time – flamencos were generally cheaper guitars, which is why cypress was almost always used for them).

Pepe also says “It definitely has a flamenco attack and I have it set up between classical and flamenco. If ever a guitar had duende, this one has it. It is pure magic! This is easy to play, explosive and beautiful sounding. It is super light weight and totally alive. My head stock is my version of this guitar. When I started to build guitars my father took out 5 Santos Hernandez guitars and told me to take the one that I liked the most, study it, play it and get inspired. I am inspired just thinking of this guitar! This is the one that I chose that day.”

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