13th Annual New York Guitar Seminar at Mannes.

The registration deadline is just a few days away – May 15th – so click here for more info on the NYGS website.

BE A PLAYER: Exploring Entrepreneurship and Creating Performance Opportunities
Welcome to the 13th annual New York Guitar Seminar at Mannes College. We are thrilled to bring together again an international faculty of renowned performers and teachers for five full days of workshops and master classes in New York City. The New York Guitar Seminar is open to high school, college, and graduate students; music teachers; professional performers; and all classical guitar players seeking to broaden their musical horizons. Performers at all levels of playing skill are welcome.

More than 40 hours of activities
University housing available (apply separately after you register)
Special rate for ensemble members attending together
“We invite guitar players of all ages to this year’s seminar, where you can learn how to be proactive in creating opportunities to perform, to establish careers in music, or to just have fun playing for others.”
— Laura Oltman and Michael Newman, Cofounders and Directors of the New York Guitar Seminar at Mannes College
In addition to offering five faculty concerts, 100 master class lessons, and daily ensemble coachings by a faculty of a dozen of the world’s top guitarists, the seminar will provide multiple solo and ensemble performance opportunities for all participants, plus new, innovative, hands-on workshops and discussions that will focus on elements of career development, encouraging guitarists to learn more about how to organize and oversee their own events, concerts, recordings, videos, press materials and publicity, web sites, publishing, teaching opportunities, community outreach presentations, and other topics.

Registration Options:

Full Participant Performs in two master classes, performs in final concert, participates and performs in an ensemble with three chamber music coachings (optional), performs in open stage sessions (optional), performs and participates actively in all workshops and lectures. Admission to all concerts and events of the seminar.
Ensemble Participant Performs in two master classes with his/her pre-formed ensemble, the ensemble performs in final concert, the ensemble receives three chamber music coachings, performs in open stage sessions (optional), performs and participates actively in all workshops and lectures. Admission to all concerts and events of the seminar.
Full Auditor: Active participation (optional) in workshops and lectures. Admission to all events of the seminar.

All full participants in the seminar are entered in a drawing to receive a new concert guitar, generously donated by Guitar Salon International (

About Ensembles:

The ensemble feature of the seminar is always a great opportunity to meet and work with interesting people from all over the world. It is incredible how quickly a new piece can really come together with a bit of efficient rehearsal and some great coaching. That’s the whole point—to sight-read, to learn music quickly, to get really good at rehearsing, and to have new performance opportunities—all within a few days.

As a full participant you will be part of one ensemble, with which you will have three rehearsals/coachings, and perform in the final concert. The music for the ensembles will be handed out on the first day of the seminar. You will be able to chose the piece and ensemble and part you want to play. We lay out all the ensembles and parts and participants get to sign up to whatever piece and part they want. Thousands of classical guitar lovers, ranging in age from 8 to 82, have attended past New York Guitar Seminars at Mannes from six continents, 50 countries, and nearly 40 states.

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