This week we have the final video lesson of our series with Scott Morris to go with his method Classical Guitar Complete – From Basics to Bach. This time he covers the left hand, focusing on slurs, and gices some final tips and recommendations.

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2 Responses to “Video Lesson – Practicing Slurs”

  1. TM says:

    Hey thanks for this, might need to keep this in mind when I want to brush up on my technique.

  2. Arthur Schmidt says:

    Just a quick suggestion. Your left hand pinky is almost straight in the first position when doing your hammer-ons. This makes the pinky weaker than the other fingers, slows the pinky down because it has to move farther than the other fingers and the notes played will not have the same strength as the other fingers. If you turn your left wrist upward and keep your palm parallel to the neck, your fingers will automatically be in the correct position up and down the neck. Try practising with a mirror so you can see your left hand position. Also, when doing these hammer-on exercises, I noticed that you only used your fourth (a) finger on the right hand to strike the E string. I always teach my students not to practice anything that you would not use when playing a piece, because it’s always hard to unlearn something. Normally, when playing repeated notes on the same string, you would alternate fingers, such as: i m i m, (other fingerings can also be practiced). Practising them with free strokes and rest strokes in the right hand will also be beneficial.
    This prepares both hands for playing correctly. Finally, when practicing hammers-ons and pull-offs, it’s important to practice slowly, legato and listen to the sound you are producing. Always strive to make a beautiful sound. Hammer-ons and pull-offs should be almost indistinguishable in a musical phrase.


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