Here’s another video of guitarist Michael Gratovich, this time playing the Prelude and Allegro from Bach’s BWV 998 on a new Paolo Coriani ‘Manuel Ramirez’.

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3 Responses to “Michael Gratovich – Paolo Coriani”

  1. tempesto says:

    The bass voice comes through quite nicely on this guitar, particularly on the allegro which has a vivid counterpoint. Congrats to Michael Gratovich on a well understood interpretation.

  2. I’m well tuned to sound and the trebles strings on this guitar aggravate my ears toward having to turn off the music. But I would suggest that the treble strings be a little softer and earthy sounding not this sound.

    The performer is well liked.

  3. Pumping Carbon says:

    I agree with Tom. The performer is very well liked. The guitar could possibly benefit from a different, less bright set of treble strings.


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