Here’s Manuel Espinás again, this time playing Barrios’ ‘Vals de la Primavera’ on the Federico Sheppard ‘Morant’, a replica of one of the guitars that Barrios himself played.

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4 Responses to “Manuel Espinás – Vals de la Primavera”

  1. Bob Vasquez says:

    Very, very nice. Thank you.

  2. John says:

    Played flawlessly – but with passion.
    A great performance.

  3. Josemaria Bustamante says:

    Dear GSI,

    Could you please let me know your address and directions from Beverlly Hills. How far away is it?

    Kind regards,


  4. Dulce Rodríguez says:

    Congratulations! Its very nice.
    More feeling.
    Thanks for the music.


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