Here’s Scott Morris playing his arrangement of Satie’s ‘Je Te Veux’ on a 1967 Daniel Friederich spruce-top. The piece is one of his arrangements from ‘Phonology: the Music of Erik Satie for Guitar’ his new book of arrangements that come with a CD of recordings of all the pieces recorded with French guitars we supplied from luthiers like Friederich, Robert Bouchet, Dominique Field, Jean-Noel Rohe and Bertrand Ligier. On the CD the piece is recorded with vocals by Nanette Gobel (and the vocal part is included in the book as well).

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One Response to “Scott Morris – Satie on a 1967 Friederich”

  1. Paul Weaver says:

    Cool video!

    I often find slower pieces offer a deeper sense of a guitar’s sound. This harmonically rich song shows off the guitar in an excellent fashion.



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