Here’s another great video of Manuel Espinás playing Barrios on the Federico Sheppard ‘1934 Esteso’ guitar. This time it’s Barrios’ Vals Opus 8 No. 3 and it’s another really great performance.

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3 Responses to “Manuel Espinás – Barrios Vals Opus 8 No. 3”

  1. Joao Ernani F Filho says:

    It’s amazing how Barrios deserves the best efforts of such special artists like Mr. Sila Godoy; Mr. John Williams; Mr. Richard Stover; Mr. Cristiano Porqueddo; Mr. Frederico Sheppard and many, many others. Mr. Manuel Espinás, how marvellous is your “són”: clean, emotive, plenty of soul. GSI, congrats.

  2. Lorenz Farwick says:

    I like the way he plays this.Very nice waltz.


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