We at GSI are nearing completion of a project archiving audio snapshots of some of the historic, rare guitars that have passed through our doors. We decided that this would best be accomplished by working with a brilliant guitarist, who would perform musical pieces that were individually selected for pairing to a respective instrument, in a manner that that would best exploit and demonstrate the unique tonal qualities of each guitar.

The result was a collaboration between GSI and guitarist Marc Teicholz that led to our forthcoming CD entitled Valseana, which includes 18 waltzes played on 18 master instruments, including 2 Torres, 2 Hauser I, Hauser II, Garcia, Santos, Esteso, Fleta, 2 Rodriguez, Barbero, Hernandez y Aguado, Bouchet, Friederich, Rubio, Blochinger, and Romero Jr.

These few sample MP3s won’t do justice to the quality of the audio recorded on the CD – especially on your computer speakers – but we wanted to offer a “sneak peek” as we’re extremely proud of the result. We’re currenty in the final stages of proofing, so we expect Valseana to be available for purchase in the coming week(s).

Barrios Op.8 #4 -1995 Rodriguez

Bellinati Um Amor De Valsa – 1927 Esteso

Joplin Pleasant Moments -1867 Torres w. Tornavoz

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7 Responses to “GSI Presents: Valseana – 18 Classic Waltzes on 18 Historic Guitars”

  1. Erik Phariss says:

    Are you going to make a DVD audio of this available? It would be amazing to have a 24 96 of this for sale and it would be the first recorded collection of historic guitars available in that format. If the CD is too long for normal double Layer dvds Blue Ray would be great.
    Assuming you used more than one mic a 7.1 or 5.1 blue ray mix would be amazing.
    I will say most of us would be happy with a DVD A or SACD if nothing else.

    Thank you guys for putting in alll the effort to make this happen.

  2. thn05 says:

    can’t wait! love to hear these old guitar sounds.

  3. Brian Lewis says:

    Beautiful music. Gorgeous sounding instruments. Very personal and convincing playing. A true artist! I wil buy a copy when it is released.

  4. Wow, that’s a great idea! I heard Marc a few times when I lived in the Bay Area and loved his playing. I’m really looking forward to this!

  5. A J Wolff says:

    Absolutely beautiful….

  6. ex certified pda’s…

    […]GSI Presents: Valseana – 18 Classic Waltzes on 18 Historic Guitars | Guitar Salon International | The Blog[…]…

  7. Kris says:

    I also would love to buy a dvd of this. I am very grateful for all of the GSI video clips. It is the closest I can get to having any of these historic and hauntingly beautiful (to ear and eye) guitars in my home.


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