Mak Grgic and Taso Comanescu have both shot great videos for us in the past, so when they said they were playing together in a yet-to-be-named duo we thought it would be fun to shoot some more videos. Here they are playing ‘La Rossignol’ (anonymous, trans. Patrick Russ) and ‘Drewries Accordes’ (traditional – trans. Christopher Parkening) with Taso playing a 2007 Eric Sahlin and Mak playing a 2013 Sebastian Stenzel, and William Byrd’s ‘La Volta’ (also trans. Patrick Russ) with Taso on a Luigi Locatto ‘1884 Torres SE60’ and Mak on a 2012 Tobias Braun satinwood guitar.

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One Response to “Taso Comanescu and Mak Grgic at GSI”

  1. Brian Lewis says:

    I found these performances superb – intelligent, rhythmic drive, historically accurate, and heart felt. To me, the sign of a great performance is when the artist(s) recedes and the music shines. These young men have shown this in spades! Their ensemble playing is invigorating. When studying harpsichord, years ago, I actually played Byrd’s La Volta. This particular performance brings to the fore themes and inner voices the harpsichord finds difficult to maneuver. Congratulations gentlemen! When you come out with a CD please let everyone know. Bravo!!


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