Every now and then I realize how truly cool it is to be surrounded by so many great guitars. Today was like that when I realized that we had guitars from some of the most important flamenco builders ever, and that they represented pretty much all of the places that great flamencos come from – a 1970 Reyes (Cordoba), a 1972 Marin (Granada), a 1997 Gerundino (Almeria) and a 1964 Arcangel (Madrid). I thought that it would be fun to make a little video of the guitars side by side, so here’s me playing a bit of Soleá on each of the four guitars:

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5 Responses to “Four Flamenco Blancas”

  1. David Rasko says:

    What a brilliant showcase.
    I think the Reyes had a slightly more complex sound with more
    overtones & “growling”.
    What are the prices of them all,please?

  2. The Reyes by far in the comparison test but everybody has a baby in mind.

  3. Thomas Thomas says:

    Hey, they all sound incredible…why choose. Each has a distinct, sound but a very rich and powerful sound as well. I guess personal preference……good id good to me

  4. I think it also depends more on the personality and personal preferences. People have to match their performance!

  5. After listening the guitars again and again, I still have to rate the Reyes as on top for the wide voice and stable trebles.

    However, I like a little more snap to the overall pulsation of the guitar; a more flat articulation and top timber….almost a steel strung pull but not hard on the hands.

    Reyes knows how to get a perfect balance with his trebles and deep solid bass’ with a tuned voice in the middle register that really carries and projects.

    Sr. Reyes is more than educated in sound but literally is a elder spokesman for the art.


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