Our friend, musicologist and ethnomusicologist Julius Reder Carlson, came back to GSI to record some more videos for us, playing two more Aníbal Arias arrangements – Aníbal Troilo’s ‘María’ on a 2001 Eric Sahlin and Juan Carlos Cobián’s ‘Los Mareados’ on a 2013 Lucas Martin – and Sérgio Assad’s ‘Aquarelle: Preludio e Toccatina’ on a 2013 Henner Hagenlocher cedar. If you’re interested in any of the Arias arrangements check out this great website that Julius turned us on to. It was established in Arias’ honor by his students.

**Julius felt there were one too many errors in this take of the Preludio and Toccatina (he was especially concerned about the F# at the end of the intro), but I persuaded him that he would be forgiven for such a small oversight in the context of such a lovely live performance (and especially given that, with all due respect to Mr. Assad, the F natural sounds quite nice).

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4 Responses to “Julius Reder Carlson at GSI”

  1. Tate says:

    I just want to say that Julius is by far my favorite performer out of all the GSI videos. When will he cut a CD? I will be the first on the list to purchase it haha. I’ve also known about the Arias site for a while – it’s a great resource. It seems Julius adds his own intro to his version of “Volver” though…maybe he would be so generous and provide us with a little score for that?

    Great videos 🙂

  2. Casimiro says:

    I’ll be the second on the list!

  3. BenKB says:

    I am finding a huge inspiration in Julius’s style. Its not at all related to the pieces he plays (which are beautiful), but the feeling he puts into every note. GSI , your blog is always a great source of inspiration… keep it coming!

  4. Paul Farley says:

    I too just want to say – as a former performing guitarist now in my 70’s and not playing much for years – after hearing Julius here (and also Volver elsewhere) that his playing (and the songs too) has been the biggest inspiration I have encountered in decades – seriously this is great playing (and songs – not to forget them) It is alive – like music I heard 60 years ago. I love listening and then learning the songs – kind of by rote – note by note – Absolutely wonderful! Thank you


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